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2017-18 Leader in Me Theme

About Leadership!

We are on a Safari, searching for the best habits and leadership skills. Each month, we will be targeting the following:

August & September-Take Charge like a RHINOCEROS: "I am in charge of myself."

October-Stick Your Neck Out Like a GIRAFFE: "I have a growth mindset.  With enough time and support I can learn and do anything."

November-Focus Like a TIGER: "I have a vision of how I want to be, and I set goals to accomplish them."

December-Have the Heart of a HIPPO: "I have a win-win attitude."

January- Share the Pride of a LION: "I listen to others and show empathy."

February- Support the Troop like a MONKEY: "I do better when I work well with others."

March- Be Unique Like a Zebra: "I am unique and I admire differences in others."

April- Be as Steady as a TORTOISE: "If I stay on the course, not matter how slow, I can get there in the end."

May- Lead Like an ELEPHANT: "I lead by example by following the habits."