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Science and STEM at Midas Creek

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  At Midas Creek we offer STEM as an enrichment program during math intervention time.  Each grade first through sixth has a dedicated intervention time for 30 minutes Monday through Thursday.  When students demonstrate they have mastered the math concepts, they are invited to attend Enrichment with our Aides Tara Names and Tracie See.  These facilitators provide kids opportunity to engage in engineering challenges, program using computers and robots, and participate in Monster Math and Math Olympiads.  We are also one in just 3 schools in the district to have a district gifted and talented teacher who comes every Wednesday. Jackie Sudbury works with 24 students in each grade, 4-6, on STEM projects.

STEM packet 2018-19


District Science Website

STEM Fair Entry Form 2018-19
STEM Fair Parent Letter 2018-19
Science Project Judging Rubric
Engineering Project Judging Rubric
Computer Project Judging Rubric

Engineering project help (by Amber Barron)

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